"[Brave Spirits has a] kick-ass mission."
-- David Seigel, DCMTA


Performing in the DC Metropolitan area since 2011, Brave Spirits Theatre is dedicated to plays from the era of verse and violence which contrast the baseness of humanity with the elegance of poetry. By staging dark, visceral, intimate productions of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, we strive to tear down the perception of these plays as proper and intellectual and instead use them to explore the boundaries of acceptable human behavior. Our four values are text, actor, women, and audience. To read more about how these values inform our work, check out our about page. Starting with 2015-2016 season, Brave Spirits will be making their theatrical home in Fairfax County, VA.

"Washington is blessed to have young, creative,
multi-talented emerging companies like Brave Spirits here."
--Andrew White, MD Theatre Guide


Apr 14 Season Auditions Scheduled

Dates and Times:
Wednesday, April 22nd 7pm - 10pm
Thursday, April 23rd 6pm - 10pm
Location in Fairfax County. Address will be sent with confirmation of audition slot.

Prepare: Two contrasting monologues from Shakespeare and/or his contemporaries (early modern period). At least one of these monologues must be in verse (iambic pentameter). Your two monologues performed together should not exceed two and a half minutes. You may be given an adjustment on one of your monologues. You may also choose to sing and/or play an instrument for no more than thirty seconds. Please bring a headshot and resume for each production for which you would like to be considered (up to three). You are welcome to perform monologues by characters whose gender does not match your own. You may also feel free to make eye contact with us if you feel it is appropriate for your piece.

Submit: To be considered for a slot, please send your electronic headshot and resume to auditions@bravespiritstheatre.com. Please send in a single file entitled Lastname_Firstname_2015.pdf. We regret that we are unable to see all actors who submit. If you are not available for our audition dates, we will accept video submissions.

Brave Spirits Theatre employs non-traditional casting. We are especially interested in seeing minority actors, and we use cross-gender casting and re-gendering in order to increase opportunities for women. Our rehearsal process requires textual analysis such as scansion, paraphrasing, and rhetorical devices. Please read more about us at www.bravespiritstheatre.com/about.html

The Bloody Banquet
Capital Fringe Festival
Anacostia Arts Center
by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker
directed by Charlene V. Smith and Casey Kaleba
Performance Dates:
Tues, 7/14, 10pm
Thur, 7/16, 6:30pm
Fri, 7/17, 6:30pm
Fri, 7/17, 10pm
Sat, 7/18, 7pm
Tech: 7/13 evening
Rehearsals will take place nights and weekends possibly from the end of May to the middle of July, most likely at a location in Fairfax County and occasionally at the Anacostia Arts Center.
Seeking: 9 actors of any gender. Most actors will play multiple roles. All actors will be paid a stipend.
Callbacks to be scheduled within two weeks.

The Re-gendered Henry IV repertory
by William Shakespeare
directed by Kevin Finkelstein
Performances to take place Fall 2015 (most likely Oct-Nov) and rehearsals will start approximately eight weeks prior. Locations will be in Fairfax County, VA.
Callbacks will occur in May or June, once dates have been finalized with our venue.
Seeking: 10 women and 2 men. Most actors will play multiple characters. We are possibly able to hire two equity actresses under a special appearance contract for the roles of Falstaff and Henry IV. We are seeking actors who can sing, play musical instruments, and have experience in unarmed and small weapons combat. All actors will be paid a stipend.

The Maid’s Tragedy
by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
directed by Angela K. Pirko
Performances to take place Spring 2016 (most likely Jan-Feb) and rehearsals will start approximately five weeks prior. Locations will be in Fairfax County, VA.
Callbacks will occur in May or June, once dates have been finalized with our venue.
Seeking: 8 actors. Most actors will play multiple characters. The roles of Evadne and Aspatia have already been cast. All actors will be paid a stipend.

Apr 10 Arden is "fabulously fun"!

Molly Cox of Brightest Young Things reviews Arden of Faversham: "Arden of Faversham is fabulously dramatic and entertaining. Although you won’t have to guess who done it, it’s fun to guess who wrote it, and why. It’s good to see Brave Spirits Theatre keeping these types of plays alive." Click here to read the entire review.

Apr 8 Murder. Adultery. Real-estate shenanigans.

Thank you to Celia Wren from The Washington Post for coming to Arden of Faversham and writing about the production: "Brave Spirits Theatre’s modern-dress staging of 'Arden,' directed by Dan Crane, keeps the tale’s episodes bowling along at a speedy clip, while sustaining an almost winkingly broad, melodramatic tone — an apt enough fit for the play’s mixture of suspense, tragedy and crime-caper burlesque." Click here to read more.

Apr 6 Arden is a "sparkling gem."

Heather Hill of MD Theatre Guide attended Arden of Faversham, and here's how she described the production: "Crime in DC just got epic, because Arden of Faversham, produced by Brave Spirits Theatre and playing at the Atlas, is a killer show boiling over with adultery, deceit, and (drum roll, please!) murder. The show is directed by Dan Crane, and the writer(s) are unknown geniuses from the Elizabethan era and may even include the illustrious Shakespeare himself." Click here to read more.

MD Theatre Guide also listed Arden of one of their top 5 shows of the week.